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Rosmah Mansor is the wife of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Tun Abdul Razak. She was born on December 10, 1951, in Kuala Pilah, Malaysia. She grew up in Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. Both of her parents worked in the education sector. Her mother is from Kampung Mretang, Negeri Sembilan.
She attended Tunku Kurshian College, Negeri Sembilan, for her high school education. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to University of Malaya where she bagged a degree in Sociology and Anthropology in 1974.  For her Master’s degree, she attended Louisiana State University where she graduated in 1978 with master’s degree in Sociology and Agriculture.
Upon graduation from the University, she took up banking job with Bank Pertanian as an executive. She worked with the bank for a couple of years until she resigned in 1983. When she left Bank Pertanian, she joined Island and Peninsular Bhd as a business development manager. She worked with this company which was into property development for four years till 1987.
Personal life
In 1987, she got married to Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The couple is blessed with two children. When she is not busy with her pet projects, she works seriously to contribute her quota to the success of her husband’s regime. On two different occasions, she had used her diplomatic ties and connections to achieve the following:
  • A Malaysian student in Egypt was suspected to be a spy. She appealed to President Mubarak’s wife on behalf of the student. In less than two hours later, the student was released.
  • During an operation in Saudi Arabia, she got Malaysian students out of the country without visa using her connections.
She holds a lot of positions in the country. Some of the key posts that she holds are:
  • President of the Welfare Association of Minister’s Wives
  • Patron, Children in Hope Foundation
  • Patron, Malaysian Nature Society
  • Patron, Society of the Orthopedically Handicapped Malaysia
  • Patron, Malaysian Medical Welfare Fund, and much more
  • She was installed as the first Chancellor, University Industry Selangor. She held this post for five years between February 2006 and February 2011.
This project has the objective of developing the education of children at a very early stage.  Rosmah is very active with this project due to her belief that building children at the early stages of their lives is fundamental for the growth of a nation. She also believes that such development will lead to national cohesion and peace. Driven by this belief and passion, she has contributed immensely to the establishment of over 600 PERMATA centers in the country.
The scope of this project has now been widened to accommodate children with special gifts. No wonder then that those children who have singing and dancing skills are helped to develop their God-given talents and skills.
PERMATA Project has two different sections. The first section is for children between the ages of 9 and 15.  These set of children have school camp that is organized annually. The second section is targeted towards children with special skills. These children should be between 16 and 17 years old.  Both sets of children are usually camped at the local university, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia, to help the children to harness and develop their talents.
Her contributions to national development have been recognized both home and abroad.  This recognition has brought her so many awards both from her nation and the international community. Her awards include:
  • Peace and Harmony Awards, Business Council for International Understanding.
  • Distinguished Service Medal, Stevens Institute of Technology for her roles in gender equality and women empowerment.
  • Honorary Life Member, Women’s Institute of Management.
  • Global Inspirational Leadership Award by the Center for Economic and Leadership.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Education, University Technology, Malaysia
  • Honorary Doctorate of Innovation in Human Capacity Development, University of Lim Kok Wing, Malaysia
  • Darjah Seri Paduka Tuanku Ja’afar Yang Amat Terpuji.
Published Biography
The Sultan of Pahang, Ahmad Shah, launched the biography of Rosmah on December 10, 2012. The launched biography contains 164 pages and has detailed information about the early life and her achievements in life. It was planned for publishing in January 2013.
The biography was written by Noraini Abdul Razak and Siti Rohayan Attan. The publisher of the book, Yayasan Amanah Perdana, made it known at the book launch that the book will reveal so many facts from the childhood of Rosmah. This will include her experiences as a college student, her involvement in the community through her many pet projects, and some facts that have remained a secret for a long time. A section of the book is devoted to Romah’s response to rumors about her life and her involvement in the current events in Malaysia.
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How Much Money Can I Make With Trading? What Account Size Do I Need To Start?

What account size do I need?
How much money can I make with trading?
First of all, let's clarify a common misunderstanding: You never risk your full account size. You always have a "catastrophic stop", and it is important to define the "ruin" before you start trading. Let's say you start with a $10,000 account, and you decide to stop trading if you lost $2,000. In this example you are "ruined" if your account decreases to $8,000. Though you invest $10,000, you only risk $2,000.
Back to the first question: "What account size do I need?"
The first factor is the margin required by the exchanges. The margin is the "security deposit" that you need to have in your account if you want to trade. This margin varies depending on the contract you want to trade, e.g. $3,938 for the e-mini S&P and $1,688 for the 30 year Treasury Bonds. Many brokers offer a 50% deposit? on this margin requirement if you daytrade, i.e. you open and close the position on the same day.
If your trading system requires trading 1 contract of the e-mini S&P, and you hold the position overnight, then you need at least $4,000 in your trading account.
The next factor is the expected drawdown. If you would only deposit $4,000 in your trading account, the first trade moves against you by more than $62, and the value of your account falls below the margin requirement of $3,938, then you receive a "margin call". Many electronic platforms automatically liquidate your open positions, and don't let you trade any longer. Therefore, you need to know the maximum drawdown of your trading system in the past. Let's say your trading system had a maximum drawdown of $2,200 in the past, then you need at least $6,200 in your trading account: $4,000 margin requirement plus $2,200 "buffer" for a possible drawdown. A safe approach is to double the maximum drawdown, because usually the worst drawdown is still to come.
Let's say that based on these calculations you decide to fund your account with $8,000, and you define your "ruin" as $6,000, i.e. you are willing to risk $2,000 for your trading adventure.
How likely is it that you lose the $2,000 you are willing to risk?
Assuming you have a well tested and robust trading system that is likely to achieve similar results in the future as in the past, then you can use the log-normal distribution to calculate the risk of ruin. In the following example we will use the values of our e-mini S&P Trading System "Coin Collector".
The profit factor of this system is 1.42, i.e. for every dollar you lose you earn $1.42. The winning percentage is 70.5%, and the average winner is $129. Using these figures and the results of the past trades, you can calculate the "risk of ruin" for our system:
The probability of losing the whole $2,000 that you are willing to risk in the next 30 trades only is 1.4%. That's very low. If you decide to risk $3,000, then the probability of losing all the money in the next 30 trades decreases to 0.07%.
Let's talk about the next question: "How much money can I make"?
You first need to calculate the average profit per trade by dividing the overall profit by the amount of trades you made. In our example the "Coin Collector" produces an average profit of $37. Next you need to multiply this number by the trading frequency. The "Coin Collector" produces in average three trading signals per day, i.e. you can expect $111 per day per contract.
An average week produces 15 trades and $555 profits. Deducting commissions and slippage you can expect $842 in two weeks (=30 trades).
If you catch a lucky streak you could even make more. So how likely is it to MAKE $2,000 within the next 30 trades? The probability of making $2,000 is 20.4%.
Trading is about risk and reward: you want to get a decent reward for your risk. In our example the probability of losing $2,000 is 1.4%, and the probability of making $2,000 is 20.4%. That's an excellent ratio!
Your account size is determined by the margin requirement set by the exchanges and the "buffer" you should have for an expected drawdown.
The question "How much money can I make?" can be answered using the performance report of the past results of a trading system. Keep in mind that these figures are only valid if you developed a robust (and not a curve-fitted) trading system.
Using some statistical functions, you can then determine the "risk of ruin" and the probability of making a certain amount of money. That's what trading is all about: risk and reward.

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Dispelling Illusions of the Stock Market

How can you dispel an illusion unless you look directly at it? The magician distracts the eye with one hand while he does his manipulation with the other. You are looking in the wrong place and not seeing what is actually happening.
Wall Street has mastered this move even beyond the wildest dreams of Houdini. Investors have become so mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors that they believe the large brokerage houses are telling them the truth.
One of their master distractions has you believing that research is necessary to be able to pick a winning stock or mutual fund. All research is facts and figures which is nothing more than disinformation. Think. That long report by some analyst came from sources available to anyone and everyone, therefore, it is worthless. If everyone knows it then all that information is already reflected in the current price of the stock.
Just because you have information and it seems so good that doesn't mean the equity price is going to go up. Those beautiful pink, green and yellow tout sheets sent to you by some broker have you looking in the wrong place just as the magician does while he is picking your pocket. Sound familiar?
The annual report is a beautiful document. Slick paper and in full color, but those footnotes are hard to read. You know the old saying: "they give it to you in the big type and take it away in the small type". More of the magician's tricks. Did it occur to you that much of the content of the annual report is a year old? Is that going to tell you if the stock is going to go up tomorrow or next week?
Another distraction by the master magician is the prospectus. I have written these so I know how they can be manipulated. The most important thing to remember is they were not written for the investor. They are written so some Dilbert lawyer in his cubicle at the SEC in Washington will see that it meets all the regulations. There is practically no difference in the content of a winner and a loser.
So much of what comes out of Wall Street is sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors. You must stop and ask yourself, "Is knowing this going to make me any money?" In all likelihood it won't. Almost every analyst recommendation put out by brokerage companies is already ancient history and of no value. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington is now investigating allegations that analysts have become salesmen for their brokerage companies and are told not to issue negative reports on any company no matter how poorly they perform.
Become aware of the magician's tricks and watch out for that other hand he has in your pocket.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Investment Discipline

One of the great "secrets" of successful people is discipline and it doesn't make any difference whether it is manufacturing, processing, servicing or investing in the stock market.
Before you can have that discipline you must have a successful plan and stick with it. If the method you use does not work or results in smaller profits it should be abandoned and a better one found. For the average investor the plans laid out by Wall Street do not work and over the long run you will lose money. Actually you will make a very small percentage, but the return will be mitigated due to ongoing inflation. The great majority of investors believe that an annual return of 10% or more is to be expected when actually it is much less and there will be periods when there will be almost no return at all.
Returns can be increased greatly if the investor will learn not to follow the 3 great lies of Maul Street. They are Buy and Hold, Dollar Cost Average and Do Research. These lies have been told so often that they have become conventional wisdom.
During 1998 and 1999 the price appreciation was fantastic. If you check back in history you will find this was an aberration. Folks still think that was "normal". The actual norm is about 16 to 18 year periods of bull markets followed by bear markets with many 4 year cycles of ups and downs with that 16-year time frame.
Think back to 2000, 2001 and 2003. During that time did your broker ever call to tell you to sell? About 98% of brokerage company recommendations were to Buy. Many folks lost 50% to 80% of their savings. That alone should have turned on the light bulb in your head that either these guys are stupid or they are lying to you.
There is a "secret" to investing and it is one word - Sell. You must have to discipline to remove yourself from losing positions. During the worst part of that 3 years we saw many stocks drop 50 to 90% and other companies go out of business. It you have placed a limit to the amount of loss you would take you would have a lot more money today. Why do you want to wait for your stocks to drop 30, 40, 50% or more when you could have placed an Open Stop Loss Order with your broker to sell you out if your stock dropped below a certain price? Maybe 10%, hopefully not 20%, but even that is better than a huge loss.
In many cases brokers try to talk you out of selling, but your discipline will require you to be firm. You must protect your money; insist on protection of your investments.

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Fx Capital Market Forex Review

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Capital Market Forex Company

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It is a licensed forex company established in Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles. The company

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It is imperative for forex traders to run through a Passive Income Capital Market Forex review to

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